by Chuck Richards

Released 2008
Eyes Open Records
Released 2008
Eyes Open Records
This album is a fusion of Acoustic, folk, and pop with indie flair.
Chuck Richards is a talented artist living in San Diego, California. He has accompanied several local musicians including Cindy Lee Berryhill. In the early eighties Chuck teamed with the late Jeff Buckley to perform and record under the band name, Eyes Open. Now Chuck Richards writes, records and performs his own material; a fusion of acoustic, alternative folk, pop. He draws on influences ranging from Cat Stevens and Nick Drake to more current artists such as Jeff Tweedy and Glen Phillips. With help from friends, Christopher Hoffee (Truckee Brothers, Atom Orr) and Cindy Lee Berryhill, Chuck released his first album, Lost in the Sound, in 2006. Chuck has just released his second album, "Still," with the help of Truckee Brothers, Christopher Hoffee and Matt Lynott. Chuck Richards has reinvented himself in his latest album, "Still." Combining his original Americana influences with a fresh style of acoustic alternative, Richards has created and album both warm and intimate, yet quirky.

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Open Mic Nights in Merced, CA

Hey There Folks,

Here are a couple of open mic nights in downtown Merced. These are places I am inclined to frequent. 

The Partisan

Open Mic, Sunday Nights, 6 to 9 PM

Coffee Bandits

Open Mic, 1st and 3rd Friday, 6 to 9 PM

ASIP Coffee Roasters Co.

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